About Elefante

Elefante is an online store dedicated to supporting elephants by creating uniquely designed products and giving a proportion of profit to carefully selected charities and conservation initiatives.

Elephants suffer greatly and the existence of elephants in the future at all is now in question. The statistics are shocking with some groups estimating that elephants could go the same way as the woolly mammoth in as little as 15 to 25 years unless there is intervention. Here at Elefante we are determined to make a difference and while these are early days for the company, as we grow we have ambitions to be part of a resurgence in efforts to conserve and ultimately save this magnificent species.

15% of all profit will go to Elefante Nature Park in Thailand who provide a sanctuary and rescue centre for elephants. The park is located around 60km from Chiang Mai and has provided a sanctuary for almost 100 elephants so far. They also provide rescue for many other animals including water buffalo and over 500 dogs! I visited Elephant Nature Park in 2016 and it’s really incredible to see how much of a difference they’re making. 100% of donations to Elefante will go to the charities and conversation initiatives we support.